Friday, 12 April 2013


Its another rainy day. Typical for Walden village, it has been raining for couple of days now. And, this place could not get any better. Cobbled streets,antique stores owned by cute old ladies, architecture built prior to the medieval period and golden fields where I could spend hours gazing over the perfect horizon. Being at my parents unbuttons all the sweetest memoirs. It is such a peaceful place to be, A BREATHER ! Almost like travelling the other side of the world. This time of the year, the sky is more cleaner. This meant, I could easily count handful of stars in the sky and wonder off into my dream land. Also, going bed with the pitter patter of the rain, scribbling all my thoughts and waking up to the birds chirping. 
Just a perfect way to endure myself ! I hope you all had a perfect Easter break too ! 

P.S. endlessly wishing for a warmer weather.