Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hitkala Rai, MDX

A heartfelt congratulation to a very dear friend of mine. It has been such an honour to be part of this exceptional journey of hers. A few months ago, I still remember telling her how excited I was to see what she was working on for her final show. And, this is just euphoric. A sea of sentiment and emotions captured in these portraits are of sheer beauty. Therefore, a sudden urge to share these exhibition photos of an exceptional talent. 
well done girl, I'm so proud of you.

This series of portraits depicts of the faces of ex- Gurkha British Military personnel and their families. These are the people who have given many years of loyal service to the UK. For more than half a century they have fought the world for Britain  However, they have also become the victims of unfair practices. Since immigrating to Britain  in pursuit of a better life, they continue to fight and struggle- but this time for recognition. They have become the prisoners of the service they provided. Yet, their concerned eyes and determined chins show their stoic determination to remain warriors who will never give up. So, the battle continues.

Hitkala Rai