Sunday, 25 May 2014

Be all I can be

I know: This departure has been pretty tedious for me too. Sorry for going M.I.A. That constant reminder to myself (I need to update my blog kept piling at the very end of my spectrum). Essays, Jean Cocteau, toiles, library, Jackson's Art, Les Enfant Terrible, deadlines...Holy! My life almost summed up in few nouns? Now, I am so glad this beautiful chaos is somewhat momentarily in halt - It is 7am, a beautiful morning here in Newport. Hello summer 2014! Leo Addeo's songs of Hawaii in the background and as I write this blogpost lying down on my freshly washed sheets; This certainly feels like an achievement!

I am wearing vintage jumpsuit/ Newlook wedges/ MK watch/ Topshop silver bracelet & earrings

Bonne journée !